15-Piece Soldering Iron Tool Kit Set


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15-Piece Soldering Iron Tool Kit Set
Soldering Iron with Upgrade Technology Inner-heated ceramic technology makes the 60w soldering iron heat up very quickly; which both maintains temperature stability and reduces energy consumption. Upgraded heat-resistant material and the steel-pipe four ventilation holes on the soldering iron design help cool fast.
Soldering Iron Support StationPortable soldering iron stand with a cleaning sponge holds the soldering iron to ensure safety and convenience. It is safer than any other thin soldering stand. The maximum extent to avoid the user getting burned and damaged.
Solder Sucker & Soldering Tips with Unique Features – Rugged metal construction, the desoldering pump is a high-pressure vacuum tube with an aluminium body frame, which allows easy one-handed use, and is best for removing solder from PCB through hole solder joints. Superior professional soldering gun has 6 multiple tips replacement, Heat and impacts the resistant design of screw thread so the iron head is not easy to drop.
15-In-1 Soldering Kit- Soldering iron kit comes with 110V 60W soldering iron, desoldering pump, 5 multiple soldering tips, solder, soldering iron stand with cleaning sponge, soldering tweezer, wire stripper cutter, 2 pcs electronic wire, a PU carry bag. We have All These Extras to meet your soldering requirement.
Widely Used & Carry Portable- Soldering iron tools widely used for welding circuit boards, appliance repair, Home DIY hobbyists, and jewellery welding. You can take it anywhere and you can find almost all tools that match your soldering needs in the PU carry bag, you can also use it together with our heat shrink tubing and get 15% off for the heat shrink tubing if you purchase them together.

1 x Soldering Iron
1 x Soldering Suction
1 x Voltage Tester
1 x Soldering Iron Stand
1 x Solder
1 x Tweezers
1 x Wire Cutter
2 x Wires
5 x extra Soldering Heads

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  • 1x Soldering Iron Tool Kit Set

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