Adjustable Moving Lifting Belt


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Adjustable moving and lifting belts are made of high-quality nylon.
By using proper ergonomics and joysticks, lifting objects is safer and easier, thereby reducing the risk of injury.
The maximum load is 500 pounds.
The heavy lifting belt can provide handle function and convenience for any object, making your move faster and smoother.
No trolleys, complicated waist belts or uncomfortable waist belts are required.
Adjustable sling, width 10CM/3.93 inches, unfolded size 180CM/71 inches, can be quickly adjusted between 39.4 inches and 71 inches, the upgraded version is longer in length, and the hanging box It’s really labour-saving to bring an expert who can carry multiple boxes or heavy objects at once.
Moving and lifting systems, can be used by one person or two people, so even if you don’t have extra hands, you can still use the weightlifting belt to carry heavy objects by yourself.
One person can lift various heavy objects, such as furniture, household appliances, pianos, refrigerators, sofas, mattresses, etc. by moving the belt.

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