Dancing Cactus Music Baby Interactive Toy


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Our cute and adorable dancing cactus will entertain your baby for hours and put a smile on his/her little face. How will your baby react to our interactive cactus that repeats what you say?

This dancing cactus includes 120 English songs for your baby to listen and dance to. The dancing cactus also has a recording function and emits a colorful light when activated. This recording function allows the dancing cactus to learn to speak. For example, if you say “hello”, you will imitate your own and make a “hello” voice.

This cute and funny cactus shaped plush toy can dance, sing, and swing. Its enchanting posture brings joy from kids to adults. Children will feel lonely if they don’t have a player. This toy will make your kids feel better.

PP cotton material, eco-friendly and durable. The dancing cactus plush body is made of soft wool knitting, and the flower pot is made of fluffy flannel, which will not hurt your child’s skin.

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Dimensions 12 × 46 × 25 cm


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