Digital Vernier Scale 0 to 150mm


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Caliper Vernier gauging micrometer gauge tool with LCD digital electronic technology. stainless steel. Dimensions such as internal, external, and height can be measured precisely and simply. System for quantifying linear capacitance

Inside, outside, depth, and step gauging are the basic measuring functions. Any position has a zero value. with a tiny securing thumb screw that secures the jaws.

Easy-to-read LCD display. A useful conversion table is at the end.

The perfect tool for a wide variety of industrial and automotive uses Range of measurement: 0-150 mm; accuracy: +0.02 mm/0.001 in (100-150 mm).

Resolution: 0.0005 in (0.11 mm). Repetition: 0.01 mm (0.0005 inches).

1 m/s maximum reading speed

One 1.5V battery is used for power. Included

In The Box:

1 x Extra Battery

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Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 9 × 3 cm


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