Do or Drink – Card Game – Expansion Pack #2


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  • KICK YOUR PARTY UP ANOTHER NOTCH: This is the daring second expansion pack for Do or Drink. New Cards means New Dares and New Laughs to make your game last longer, and your party that much more legendary.
  • PERFECT FOR PARTIES AND GAME NIGHTS – It’s the most fun and savage party game. Awesome board card game to play with friends, office party, dinner, parties, etc
  • ADD TO THE FUN: The expansion includes 100 all-new, insane cards to add to your original set. Our new cards are as savage as ever.
  • TOTALLY UNRESTRAINED: There’s no limit to what you might have to do; from whipped cream nipples to borrowing your neighbor’s underwear, this expansion features hysterical challenges that just keep getting wilder and wilder. There are no “free skip” cards in this game – and let’s be clear, doing these dares will completely ruin your reputation!
  •  NO BORING DARES: Our USA design team avoided ‘dud dares’ found on other card games. Instead they packed all 100 cards with dares as well as challenges that are fast paced and hilarious with every turn
Do or Drink – Card Game – Expansion Pack #2 – Party Game – Dares for College, Camping and 21st Birthday Parties
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1 x Pack Of Card Do or Drink – Card Game – Expansion Pack #2

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