Do or Drink Game


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Win or Blackout:
In life, you have a simple choice

To do or to drink!

This is a thrilling challenge card game for event hosting and party seekers everywhere. Its carefully designed to get you and your friends as drunk as skunks. It s an unusually weird experience that will give you something to talk about, for months!

Be warned, play this game at your own risk. Its responsible for arguments, breakups, make-ups, and hook-ups around the world.


– The ultimate drinking card game, making for an outrageous, savage, and epic party in a box.
– Takes parties to a new level, without any boring skip a turn cards.
– Hilarious dares and challenges.
– Perfect for friends looking to have a memorable (or not so memorable) night of fun.
– Gets everyone drunk!
– Colossal hangovers are part of the deal.

– Colour: Multi-Colours
– Materials: Cardstock
– Age Range: Adults only (+21 Years)

– Important Disclaimer: Not for sensitive viewers. Please note that this game has topics/genres that people may find offensive. This content does not stand for the views/opinions of the seller.

What’s in the box

1 x Do or Drink Party Card Game Set

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