Dolphin Kids Spraying Splash Pool


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The 69 Inch Inflatable Sprinkler Pool for Kids is a great option for parents who want to have some fun in the sun with their children or keep their kids entertained on hot summer days. Upgraded with a dolphin splash pad, the inflatable pool offers a range of activities, including running through the sprinklers on the sides and enjoying a cool dip in the pool. The size of the pool is 69 inches, which is enough for four to six kids to play at once, and the depth of the pool is about 8 inches. The sprinkler head sprays as far as the local water pressure permits, but parents can adjust the spray height as needed for their children’s safety. To empty the water from inside the pool, all that is needed is to open the drain, which is located at the bottom of the water spray pad. This task is quick and easy to accomplish. However, there are some drawbacks to this product. Firstly, a pump needs to be purchased for inflation purposes. Secondly, the size of the pool is smaller than what would be expected based on the images provided by the manufacturer. It is also worth noting that the sides of the pool are about 5 inches high, which makes it more of a splash pad than a pool. Additionally, the sprinklers on the sides of the pool are not as powerful as the main dolphin sprinkler, and in some cases, leaks were reported after the first use. In general, the 69 Inch Inflatable Sprinkler Pool for Kids is a cute and fun toy for toddlers and small children, but not suitable for older children. The product is not without its flaws, but it can provide some fun memories for both parents and children.

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1 x Dolphin Kids Spraying Splash Pool

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