Double Side Magnetic Window Cleaner


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Double sided window cleaner and glass wiper is a magnetic cleaning tool that is super useful in cleaning surfaces including single glazed windows. More ergonomic handle design, you can clean every corner easily and thoroughly. Super magnetic adsorption, just gently wiping can clean the both sides of the glass filled with dust and grease, the glass will be clean as the new one.

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– Oval handle which is easy to operate.
– Triangle outer shape and clean more thorough without dead corners.
– Unique water storage sponge design to avoid adding water repeatedly.
– Sophisticated ABS production material, practical, solid, anti-drop and durable.
– Wiper strip, super clean power, soft and wear-resistant, anti-acid and alkali, long service life.

– Weight: 0.7kg
– Size: 16×13.5x7cm (Approx.)
– Material: ABS + Rubber + Sponge

Do not use the product on cracked glass.
Eliminate the solid material like cement before use.
Spray water on glass surface before start, it is easy help for cleaning.
For it contains magnet, stay away from watch, television, magnetic card etc.
It has strong magnet, please read the manual first and stay away from children.
Please check the safety thread is grip tight on the product before put it on the wrist.
While use eliminate impurity adsorbed at the surface of the cleaner, or it scratch glass.
If the glass is very dirty, please make sure cleaning every parts after first use to ensure good using for next time.

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1 x Double-sided Window Cleaner

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Weight 0,525 kg
Dimensions 14 × 13 × 7 cm


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