Kids 3D Printing Pen – Pink Flying Star


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Make imagination at your fingertips, a magic 3D painting pen, unlimited creativity
Develop children’s imagination, the constant temperature is not hot, and children can use their imagination to the fullest
Selection of environmentally friendly materials, resistant to falling and playing, environmentally friendly and durable
Low-temperature contact is not hot to ensure the safety of children

3D pens that use PCL consumables are not so scalding to touch. Because the working temperature of PCL consumables is not high, only about 60℃. Then the temperature of outputting consumables is relatively much lower, about 40-45℃ . So it is called “low temperature pen”.

2. What are the advantages of  Low Temperature 3D Pens?

Firstly, it’s very safe without scalding, even can be printed on the skin. But we do not recommend kids to direclty paint on their skin, as the kids are with delicate skin.
Secondly, PCL consumable materials are biodegradable and environmental. So there is no worry about environmental problem.
Thirdly, PCL consumables have special repair activity and low melting point. Then when the works are not satisfied or liked, we can reshape it after making it soft by hot water. It’s recyclable materials.
3. How about the age that the pen suits for?

Our Low Temperature 3D Pens are suitable for beginners and children above 6-year-old. We devote ourselves to safety as well as the good quality of the pen and the parts.
The consumables output smoothly without blocking. Really making you enjoy the convenience and fall in love with creation! There are many types of Low Temperature 3D Pens available for you in our store. Have fun!

Whats In The Box

1 x 3D Pink Flying Star

1 x USB Cable

1 x Dredger

1 x 3D Paper Model Booklet

2 x  wings

3 x PLC Random Color (Printing Matirial)

1 x User Manuel

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