Never Have I Ever Expansion Pack One Card Game


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  • EXPAND THE NHIE CLASSIC EDITION: Relive your unfiltered funny and entertaining moments with your friends while playing this NSFW card game, this time with more cards to unearth newer and more hilarious stories of you, your friends, and close ones..Caution: This game consists of Adult Content which is not suitable to play with kids and within family.
  • MORE CARDS EQUALS MORE LAUGHS & BONDING: These hilarious additional cards will offer an engaging way to bond with friends and family. Whether you use it as an ice breaker for college parties or as a way to enjoy with old buddies, these cards will add an extra dose of humor and laughter to the base game.
  • EASY TO LEARN AND PORTABLE: This expansion pack includes additional 112 cards – 77 play cards/questions, 20 rule cards, 10 blank question cards, and 5 blank rule cards. Perfect for groups of 4-12 people, this game can be played anywhere and everywhere. Bring along this expansion pack to your next party or vacation and add more fun to the Classic Edition game!
  • GAME FOR ANY OCCASION: This expansion pack, in addition to the Classic Edition game, will be a hit for any occasion — from birthday parties to bachelorettes. You will not only have a blast playing this game but also learn more about your friends’ and family’s lives – down to their most embarrassing little details and secrets!
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR ADULTS: This pack (for ages 17 and above) is the first official expansion pack for our Never Have I Ever Classic Edition game. We recommend buying the original game along with the expansion pack to maximize the fun! Get ready for newer and funnier cards that are bound to unpack wild stories!

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