Scarlet 7 Speed Auto Hand Mixer


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SCARLETT MIXER 7 Speed Auto Hand Mixer
Make baking easy with this hand mixer!
The strength needed to whisk those eggs and butter and other baking ingredients
High Power Electric Mixer Our manual electric mixers are equipped with a durable motor and 7 speeds, perfect for your cooking and baking needs.
Easily mix, stir, or beat eggs, cake batter, pizza batter, pancake batter, etc.
Dishwasher safe metal egg beater paddle stick attachments, made of rust-resistant stainless steel, which can perfectly cut and blend coarse, dry or wet ingredients
Compact BPA-free body and a lightweight ergonomically designed handle. This makes our hand mixer easy to hold and manipulate in a mixing bowl or cup. A powerful mixing tool for kids, baby food, etc.
Single button pop-up design and stainless-steel fixed stirrer: When you want to switch between different stirrers, it is convenient and safe to disassemble or clean the stirrer of the manual electric mixer. Convenient one-handed hand mixer
7 speed control, easy to cook
Various functions of accessories
Various functions need to be implemented
It can help you finish
work in a kitchen
Small in size and easy to use
High work efficiency
260 watts of power
7 speeds of different types of food
Easy release button
Finger speed control

What’s in the box
1 x Hand Mixer

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Dimensions 18,5 × 13,5 × 7,5 cm


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