Steak Machine


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The non-stick surface of the pan and the top and bottom baking trays can cook most foods in 10 minutes or less. It is easy to clean.

The non-stick grill can be cleaned with a brush or wiped clean.

The floating grill allows you to evenly grill sandwiches, steaks, hamburgers, barbecue, vegetables, fruits, etc. with different thicknesses.

High-quality ABS and stainless steel shell materials, stable, strong, environmentally friendly and not easy to age, and have a long service life.

Double heating, more stable temperature and higher efficiency, you can enjoy delicious food faster.

The steak machine is small in size and easy to store. It has a compact vertical storage, the lid lock can be easily stored in any cupboard without taking up unnecessary space on the kitchen counter.

Material: ABS + Stainless Steel

Power: 750W

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1 x Steak Machine

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