USB Automatic Fly Catcher Trap


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Introducing the USB Automatic Fly Catcher Trap – the ultimate solution to rid your space of bothersome flies with convenience and efficiency. This innovative device combines cutting-edge technology with practical design to create a hassle-free fly trapping experience like no other.

Say goodbye to swatting and spraying, as this fly catcher trap does the work for you. Equipped with a powerful yet silent motor.

Operating the USB Automatic Fly Catcher Trap is a breeze. Simply connect it to any USB power source, such as a laptop, power bank, or wall adapter, and let it work its magic. Its compact and portable design allows you to place it wherever flies are most problematic – kitchens, dining areas, offices, or even outdoor spaces like patios and campsites.

The trap’s intelligent sensor technology detects the presence of flies and activates its efficient trapping mechanism. Once the flies enter the trap, they are swiftly and effectively captured preventing their escape. The cleverly designed collection container keeps the captured flies securely inside, preventing any mess or unpleasant encounters.

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1 X USB Automatic Fly Catcher Trap

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